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norm. is one of the very few firms that offers legal, regulatory and cyber security expertise. This enables us to provide solutions that address the legal, technical and business requirements related to data protection and cyber security.

The experts at norm. take a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to help its clients comply with legal and regulatory requirements, prepare for and manage security incidents and deal with data breaches.

These are some of the specialist areas norm. can help with:

  • Reviewing supplier contracts to ensure that they address data protection requirements
  • Developing solutions for internationally transferring data
  • Improving customer service and competitive ability in the dynamic landscape of data protection
  • Enhancing responsiveness to growing public awareness and regard for personal data protection
  • Advice on cyber security certification regimes


DPaaS from norm.

Although the introduction of strict Data Protection laws – and subsequent dramatic fines – pushed data security to the top of the business agenda, an internal data protection officer (DPO) is neither practical nor desirable for many small and mid-sized businesses. That’s where our Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) solution can help. It offers two levels of lawyer-led GDPR expertise to all organisations without the cost and overhead of a dedicated in-house DPO.

Immediate cover starting today!
*Just like a good cuppa, DPaaS can take away the drama.